4 Acres Welding & Fabrication Inc.

Stainless, steel, magnesium, and aluminum welding is currently available for repairs and new products. We have years worth of experience with arc, MIG, and TIG welding procedures.

Sandblasting and Painting

4 Acres Welding is happy to announce the addition of our sandblasting, priming, and painting services, with one shop bay devoted to the craft. More information and pictures can be found here!

In Shop Services
A shop expansion is in the works to better serve the needs of our customers. The finished addition will include the paint bay, as indicated above, plus one additional welding bay. There will be adequate room for equipment and inventory ensuring a work environment laid out for success. Our full service machine shop equipment includes a shear, brake, lathe, and more. For more information, check out the Equipment Page.

Portable Truck
Besides being able to load up a couple welders and tools into the back of one of our pickups, we also have an International truck that enables us to get any job done. An IMT 5200 boom, capable of lifting up to 8,000 pounds next to the truck or 1,200 pounds up to 32 feet away, has proved its worth several times. Add a Miller welder, plenty of leads, and all the other necessary tools, and a fully functional welding shop will be present at your wheat field, oil rig, or shop when we roll in. Pictures and more information can be found here.

Services and Industries
4 Acres provides for all service industries including agricultural, construction, and oil. Custom and home fabrications also fall under the extensive scope of work capable from our company. Be sure to view the photos in our gallery!


We are continuing to expand the line of quality products sold at 4 Acres. Visit our Product Page to find out about Bismarck Canvas tarps, ITB truck boxes, and Rugby hoists and flatbeds. 4 Acres also offers several in-house built products, including flax straw rakes and flow-back tanks.